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This blog will give you inspiration for your Oregon beach elopement and provide everything you need to know to elope on the Oregon Coast!

Oregon is a breathtaking state and I especially love their beaches for locations for your elopement. Their beaches have some of the most dynamic landscapes, as well as incredible sunsets.  I’m sharing some of the best places to elope on the oregon coast in this blog, but I’ve also found some epic elopement beaches in lesser known spots during my scouting adventures of the Oregon coast. If you select me as your Oregon elopement photographer, I will gladly share those with you.

My favorite Oregon beaches for eloping along the Oregon Coast include:

  1. Hug Point State Recreation Site
  2. Neskowin Beach State Park/Proposal Rock
  3. Bandon Beach
  4. Samuel H Boardman Scenic Corridor

Hug Point State Recreation Site

I immediately fell in love with Hug Point as soon as I stepped foot onto the sand.  It’s close to Canon Beach and that famous Haystack Rock, but I found it much more captivating. There are beautiful natural arches in the rock formations that are perfect for your elopement ceremony…and there is a waterfall!  Yes!! I said a waterfall on the beach!!  How perfect is that?

I explored along the Oregon coast in this location and found some lovely areas tucked away from the common spots.  They would make great locations for your more private ceremony and celebration. There is also a trail along the top of the cliff that is perfect for hiking and seeing views for miles around. It has a nice, big parking lot, which makes it easy to access. This is why it’s one of the best places to elope in Oregon.

If you want to see images from an all day elopement here, check out the gallery in this blog –https://www.outshinedphotography.com/oregon-coast-elopement-with-kids/.

Neskowin Beach State Park/Proposal Rock

Neskowin beach is near the middle of the Oregon coast and is tucked away in a little town that is best known for Proposal Rock. Proposal Rock is a tree covered sea stack and part of the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. The story is that Proposal Rock got its name when a 19th century sea captain rowed his fiancée out to the rock and asked for her hand in marriage.

Neskowin beach has a long coastline with lots of beach and dramatic sea stacks, which make great backdrops for your elopement ceremony. Oregon is well known for its dramatic sunsets and I found that so true while photographing an elopement here in October. The sky first turned pink and then purple and it made for a stunning backdrop. Wouldn’t you love to conclude your elopement with that experience?

If you’d like to get even more tips on how best to elope on Neskowin Beach, you can read a detailed resource I’ve contributed to Wandering Weddings entitled “Styled Elopement at Neskowin Beach Near Proposal Rock in Oregon“.

I highly recommend that you take off your shoes and feel the sand in your toes as you walk the beach with your new partner in life!

Bandon Beach is one of the best places to elope in Oregon

Bandon Beach

Bandon beach has some of the most unique sea stacks that I’ve seen along the Oregon Coast. During low tide, it’s especially fun to walk amongst them. Because of their unique and dramatic shapes and sizes, it’s fun to figure out what shapes or items they make you think of. You also feel like a kid again when you explore all the tide pools.  That’s what makes it a special location for your Oregon coast elopement, if you love exploring the sea stacks and having so many spots for great photo backdrops. There is also so much amazing sea life.

Face Rock is the most iconic sea stacks on this section of Oregon coastline and has a great American Indian legend associated with it. As you walk along this beach, you can feel what it was like for our ancestors to first explore this area. It’s a wonderful location to share those moments and create new memories as you start your new life together.  

Oregon Coast Spring Elopement by Outshined Photography

Samuel H Boardman State Scenic Corridor

This is my favorite coastline in all of Oregon and is one of the best places to elope in Oregon! It is also near the border with California and The Redwoods National Park. The Samuel H Boardman scenic corridor is 12 ocean-hugging incredible miles along the southern Oregon coast. It has many secluded beaches, craggy bluffs and offshore rock formations/natural bridges that are amazing backdrops for your unique Oregon Coast elopement.

Some of these beaches are difficult to access, so be cautious if you choose one of these locations for your elopement.

The best beaches along the corridor include:

If you aren’t interested in one of these epic coastal locations, I also have some secret spots that are just as incredible and I would be happy to share them with you, if you select me as your Oregon Elopement Photographer.  Oregon has a lot to offer and I also have some amazing rain forest, waterfall and mountain locations that you should also consider for your Oregon Elopement.

Tips on How to Elope in Oregon

  1. Contact me for a free phone consultation to be your Oregon elopement photographer
  2. Plan your epic Oregon elopement with my help
  3. Choose the location that best fits your vision
  4. Select all of your vendors
  5. Apply for a marriage license
  6. Start your new life together!

What to consider when eloping in Oregon

  • Oregon has more temperate weather than Washington, so eloping along the coast is possible all year.
    • If it’s raining on your wedding day, I’ll help you be prepared in advance. We’ll make sure that you have the proper gear to stay as dry and warm, as possible. I also have clear umbrellas for you to use.
  • Sunsets on the Oregon coast are very colorful, so consider concluding your elopement day on a beach.
  • Oregon marriage laws –
    • Per state law, you need to apply for a marriage license at least 3 days prior to your elopement date. You can apply for a license within 60 days though and it’s always best to apply early, so you know the paperwork is all taken care of.
    • Oregon offers the option of paying a small fee to waive that 3-day waiting period.
    • You will need an officiant and 2 witnesses. I am an officiant and can help you out there.  You can ask family or friends to be your witnesses…or we can find friendly people in the area.
    • Here is the link to the latest marriage license information: https://multco.us/recording/marriage-licenses#waiting%20period
  • You can read much more information about How to Elope in Oregon by clicking here for another resource.
Outshined Photography Washington Elopement Photographer

Outshined Photography is a professional Oregon and Washington Elopement Photographer ~

Stacy is the owner and photographer of Outshined Photography. She specializes in photographing elopements, vow renewals, proposals and engagements. The Pacific Northwest elopement package includes planning and photography in Washington and Oregon. She also photographs often in Utah, Alaska and international countries.

Stacy’s focus is on making your day special and unique for you and most importantly…FUN and STRESS FREE!

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  1. Beautiful locations! Makes me want to go visit the oregon coast right now! Too bad borders are closed… These spots are so beautiful though and you are so generous to share! I think I would choose Bandon Beach for my elopement! Love the big rocks!

    1. I hope you can visit the Oregon Coast soon. There are so many gorgeous places! Can’t go wrong with Bandon Beach. 🙂

  2. Well I now have a whole list of places to visit in Oregon haha. These spots for Oregon Coast Elopements are so beautiful. I especially love Samuel H Boardman State Scenic Corridor

    1. Glad I’ve been able to give you some ideas of places to visit in Oregon! It is a beautiful place. 🙂
      And Samuel H Boardman State Scenic Corridor is like no other place.

  3. Ahhhh I love Oregon, and how informative your blog is, is hard to nail such vast area full of beauty but you make it easy to your clients now to choose.

  4. So this will be helpful when I plan my next trip to shoot elopements in the PNW! So much great info here and those locations are all gorgeous.

  5. Oregon is one of the states that I would love to visit and this makes me go that much more! The first location on the list is beyond beautiful. They all are, really, but the rock formation and waterfall really caught my attention.

  6. Oregon is so beautiful! I am actually headed there for the first time next week. Unfortunately not for an elopement but maybe in the future. I will keep your guide in mind for the future.