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You deserve the adventurous elopement of your dreams

Let’s create an elopement that truly reflects your love story

Let me guess: You are here because you want to make your day as unique and adventurous as your love.

If you are looking to create an elopement that reflects your style and journey, then you are in the right place.

Ruby Beach Elopement with rainbow

Who are you?

Most likely, you are an adventurous, outdoorsy couple with your own unique style. Perhaps you value experiences over material things and have the desire to celebrate your special day in your own way or on your own terms.

One thing I know for certain is that you want photographs that capture feelings and not just images. You and your partner want to be yourselves on your big day and come away with stories to tell and memories to share for generations to come….and photographs that are a time capsule of your memories!

Pacific Northwest Elopement Guide Mount Rainier Tolmie Peak with Outshined Photography

That’s Where I come in

It is my passion to adventure with couples who decide to elope in nature. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and I want to help you have the most FUN and stress-free elopement possible! No need to worry about elopement logistics. You come ready to focus on your partner, and I take care of the rest.

Why am I the adventure elopement photographer for you?

I’m Stacy and I am so happy you are here! I am the elopement photographer for Outshined Photography. It is my goal to make your elopement one of the best days of your life. Most days, you will find me adventuring somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, Utah or Colorado and finding new epic places to photograph your elopement in the PNW or Western USA.

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Check Out My Ultimate Guide to Eloping in the PNW

Whether you are still deciding if planning a PNW elopement is right for you, or can’t wait for the epic photos of you and your love under the blanket of northwestern stars, there is something in this Pacific Northwest elopement guide for everyone. At the end of the day, your marriage celebration is about you and your partner and the life you share.

Pacific Northwest
Elopement Resources

I’ve written valuable resources that will help you have the most amazing elopement in the
Pacific Northwest. You will learn about some of the best places to elope, as well as how to plan
your elopement and ideas for how to make your elopement uniquely yours!

Next Steps

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The first step is very easy. Simply go to the Contact page and fill out the quick and easy contact form. Once you hit submit, that sends the form to me. I will review your request and get back to you within 48 hours.

Schedule Meeting Together

When I contact you, I will provide you with a few options for either a phone call or Zoom or in person meeting. I try to have that interaction with you both within a week of receiving your inquiry.

Define Plans & Finalize Details

The next phase of the process involves idea generation, planning and finalization of the details. I love this part of the process because you get to be creative & make your day uniquely you!

Have an Epic Elopement!

This is where you get to have the most amazing day with your partner and marry your best friend. I will capture it in photographs that you’ll have to enjoy for the rest of your lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

An elopement is a unique day where you and your partner say your handwritten vows to each other in nature and in front of your very closest friends or just your photographer. It can include adventures and definitely includes your favorite activities to do together.

A small, intimate wedding can still be uniquely yours in nature, but includes up to 50 of your closest family and friends. It may also include some indoor activities.

That is the fun part of the elopement planning process. When we have our initial meeting, I will ask you questions that help you think through what you want to incorporate into your ceremony and then what other types of activities you want to have and the best locations for those activities. Once we have that figured out, I will lay out a detailed timeline and that will define how much time we will allocate for your elopement.

We can’t control Mother Nature, so we will make sure to have a primary plan for your elopement, as well as multiple backup options. I will also help you develop a packing list that includes such items as umbrellas, warm jackets, boots, snowshoes…whatever we may need to ensure you still have a fun and safe day. I always carry sunscreen, ibuprofen, and hand/feet warmers to help with changes in our day we didn’t expect.

If the weather is going to prevent a safe day, then we will work on another day that can work.

The best part about your elopement is that you can do whatever you want!

If hiking isn’t your thing, you can kayak in an alpine lake or ride your bicycles on an exhilarating mountain pass or ride in a helicopter over a glacier or take a private tour through your favorite museum or all of the above. You can also cook your favorite meals, drive to your favorite overlook and say your vows as the sun sets. The options are endless.

Just as you are able to write your own vows to each other, we are also able to craft the ceremony however you want it.

To make your marriage official, I only need to proclaim your marriage to each other at the end of your ceremony. I can do that from any location. I also sign the marriage license and we can do that back at the car or your lodging.

Each state has different rules, so I help you with that in advance. In the states where you can self solemnize, all I need to do is sign your license.

Read More about my officiating services

I love dogs! I have a big, fluffy labrador retriever myself. As much as possible, we will work to include your dog in your ceremony or any part of your elopement. Many National Parks don’t allow dogs on their main trails though. So if your dog can’t be incorporated into your adventuring or ceremony, we’ll incorporate them at some part of your day. They want to celebrate with you just as much as you want them there!

If we are walking at all, then I recommend that you wear a very comfortable pair of shoes or boots for walking long distances in (and that you’ve broken in before your wedding day).

If you want to have a special pair of shoes for your pictures, make sure they fit in your backpack.

And if we’re going to be on a beach, have a pair of flip flops that you can leave in the car. Just don’t wear socks with your Tevas.

Making Your Marriage Official

I would love to provide you with elopement officiating services to help you get married your way!

I will help you craft a personalized ceremony script around your written vows and ensure everything official is taken care of.


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What Inspired Me to Become a PNW Elopement Photographer

Hello, beautiful couples, adventurers, wedding planners, and nature lovers!  In case we have not met yet, my name is Stacy, and I am a PNW elopement photographer and the gal behind Outshined Photography. I love helping couples tell their story by planning and photographing their elopement in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

In honor of spring, and in anticipation of the wildflowers and golden sunsets that come with warmer weather, I figured it was time you got to know me a little better! From rocket scientist to PNW Elopement photographer, I will give you some insight into who I am, what I love, and how elopement photography and planning became my passion. 

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