Couple elopes at Hug Point on Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast Winter Beach Elopement | Eloping with Kids

When Lindsey & Sam contacted me, there were two things very important to them –

  1. They were excited to get married after being together for several years and
  2. They wanted to include their sweet, little girl in their wedding day!

It was evident from our first call that their daughter is their whole world. And thus, I wanted to help them plan a day that made sure to include her and accommodate her schedule.

Lindsey loves the water and has been swimming her entire life, so I immediately suggested the Oregon Coast for their elopement. They had been to Cannon Beach before, but not to the coastal areas around there, so we made sure to incorporate a new beach they hadn’t visited before to add som adventure to their elopement. It’s also a new place that will have significance to them every time they visit.

Cannon Beach Winter Elopement

If you’ve seen The Goonies, then you’ve seen Cannon Beach! It has the iconic Haystack Rock and is home to some of the most thriving tide pools on the Oregon Coast.

Since their Cannon Beach elopement was planned for winter in Oregon, we knew there would be a chance of rain on their wedding day.  They reserved an ocean view room at the Hallmark Resort and that came in handy. It provided for lovely views while getting ready and then when a rainstorm blew in just as we were getting ready for their ceremony, we quickly walked back to the room and they were able to exchange their vows on the balcony with Haystack Rock prominently in view.  You don’t always have the luxury of having a hotel room with a view to use for your elopement ceremony, but it sure comes in handy in the rainy PNW winter months.

After their ceremony on the balcony, they read letters from their family and friends congratulating them on their new life together as a family. That’s a great way to include them without them being there in person.

Eloping at Hug Point State Recreation Area

After lunch and a nap break, we met up at Hug Point Beach. This is my favorite beach on the northern Oregon coast. Lindsey and Sam had not been there before, and I was very excited to show it to them! Since their elopement was on a weekday and the weather was overcast, there was hardly anyone else on the beach.

They hired a private chef and she was setting up their picnic when they arrived. It was easy for me to select this location for their picnic because this natural arch provided a beautiful backdrop and also shielded them from the wind.

While Chef Kara set up their personalized picnic, I led the couple and their daughter along the beach and took them to my favorite part of the beach – this gorgeous waterfall! The sunlight was streaming through the clouds and made for amazing light rays while we walked along the water. Then, we went by the waterfall. The waterfall is the most beautiful backdrop for your elopement photos!!

After exploring the beach, it was time for a yummy picnic. The family was joined by a sea gull, who admired from afar.

They ended their elopement day by taking in some final views of the ocean before the next rainstorm rolled in.

Kid Friendly Elopement Timeline

If you’re curious how to plan an elopement about your children, here is a summary of the timeline we planned for this couple’s elopement. It accommodated their daughter’s existing schedule and worked well to keep everyone energized throughout the day!

I use a very accurate weather app called AccuWeather. It tells you weather by the minute (within a 4-hour window). On the day of their elopement, this enabled me to plan the outside photo opportunities more accurately and know when we needed to get under cover.

When you elope on a beach, it is necessary to know the low and high tides for that day.  Cannon Beach is very wide, so you have a lot of room to escape the tides when they are high. Other beaches along the coast are narrower and have areas that are unreachable during high tide or even an hour after low tide.

8:00am – Take getting ready photos & photograph any small details

9:00am – Walk along Cannon Beach to find ceremony location

9:30am – Hold Ceremony & exchange vows

10:00am – Take photos along the beach

10:30am – Walk back to hotel and find 2 witnesses to sign marriage license

11:00am – Take break for lunch and nap

3:00pm – Meet at the Hug Point State Recreation Site parking lot 

3:15pm – Explore the coast and set up picnic

3:30pm – Enjoy picnic

4:30pm – Take sunset photos along the coast

5:58pm – Sunset

6:00pm – End day

Vendors who participated in this Oregon Coast Winter Beach elopement:

Hair and Makeup:


Catering and Picnic Setup:

How do you include young children in elopement?

  • Plan your elopement activities around their existing schedule
  • Find a part of the ceremony for them to participate in, like holding the flowers or holding your hands during the vow exchange
  • Make opportunities where they can be free to safely explore a new area and share in your excitement

Do you need a permit to get married on a beach in Oregon?

Yes – You need a permit to get married on a beach in Oregon. You will need to contact the Park Specialist at the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. You may not need to pay anything, but you still need permission.

Resource for Best Places to Elope on the Oregon Coast

If you’re interested in eloping along the Oregon Coast, I have written a resource that highlights the best places to elope on the Oregon coast. You can learn about other beautiful Oregon beach locations, as well as the process for obtaining your marriage license and what you can expect for permits.

Outshined Photography on Ruby Beach in Olympic National Park

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! What a sweet elopement – I love how much focus you put on their little cutie, those photos will be so special to them forever! And the fact you put together a kid-friendly elopement timeline…. love that!

  2. Oh my gosh! Everything about this day is the cutest! The two of them, their adorable daughter, their private chef-prepared picnic. What an epic and memorable elopement day so beautifully captured.

  3. Oh my goodness what a sweet day for this little family! I love how you included tips and a timeline that is kid friendly, that is so important for so many couples to think about! Personally I’d love a nap time on my wedding day too! Fabulous job!

    1. I think nap time or food breaks should be included in every wedding day. 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  4. I love how you not only included beautiful images of their Oregon coast elopement, but super comprehensive information about planning an elopement day with kids and tips on the Oregon coast!