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What You Need to Know about Washington Elopement Packages

Tips and Tricks for Choosing a Washington Elopement Package that is Right for You!

Whether you have seen beautiful elopements first hand or you are new to the scene, it can be difficult to choose an elopement package that is right for you. However, if you have done your research and are drawn to the idea of eloping in Washington State, then you are in the right place! The next step is to choose a Washington Elopement Package that fits you and your and your partner’s style perfectly.

So what does it mean to elope? How do I make sure all of the details are covered? How are elopements in Washington in particular, different than elopements outside of the Pacific Northwest? As an elopement photographer, certified officiant, and planner, I can help you answer these questions. Furthermore, I can help to ensure your Washington Elopement package is everything you ever imagined. Check out the rest of this article for what you need to know about Washington elopement packages.

What are the benefits of a Washington Elopement Package? 

First things first – let’s define elopement. To elope means to have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of with no prerequisites. There is no pressure to conform to any standards set forth by society. The location, your attire, and the ritual is all up to the couple! It is the day where you proclaim your love for each other how you want and with whom you want.

An Elopement Package refers to the way in which your elopement will take place. Will it be a half day, single day, or multi days? In Washington, or elsewhere? Is a microwedding on the table? The purpose of this post is to get you thinking more about which type of elopement package is right for your big day.

When choosing a Washington Elopement package, keep in mind that it should be customized to your wants and desires. Your elopement can be an epic adventure, or a simple, relaxing day in your favorite location. You and your partner will have the chance to focus on each other and not worry about anyone else’s wants or needs!

The Perks

Washington Elopement Packages allow for a new way to create memories together, and can be paired with stunning locations. (Because let’s face it, Washington has some of the most beautiful terrain in the world!) 

Another perk is the affordability of elopements.  An elopement industry leader found that the average elopement costs $5,000 – $15,000.  While The Knot recently did a study of 27,000 couples and found that the average traditional wedding costs around $33,900.

Washington Elopement Packages provide intimate flexibility. Whatever package you choose, I can help! Take time to understand what appeals to you about a certain Washington elopement package. Do you like the swiftness of a half day elopement? The slower pace of a full or multi-day elopement? Have an honest conversation with your partner about expectations for the big day. Maybe they had something in mind you hadn’t thought of!

The Details: Getting Married in Washington State

Let me guess: you are drawn to Washington state and the stunning beauty it provides. But before choosing your ideal Washington elopement package, let’s go over some of the details:

Marriage License requirements 

Staying up to date on state laws will ensure your elopement goes smoothly! Washington state law requires a three-day waiting period after applying for the marriage license before you can use it. It is also important to note that licenses are valid for 60 days after the three-day waiting period. This gives you a little bit of flexibility. You have a chance to breathe between applying for your license, and actually saying your vows!


The hardest decision you may have to make about your Washington elopement is where to hold the ceremony. Washington state is a natural outdoor playground, with 53% of the state being considered “forest land.” There are also 64 named mountain ranges! Furthemore, there are three national parks and countless miles of trails to explore. Are you wondering whether or not Washington terrain will provide you with epic beauty and adventure? The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

Whether you are seeking adventure or a mellow place to relax, the Pacific Northwest will not disappoint. Feel free to reach out and ask questions as they surface! I am happy to provide insight into what location, and which Washington Elopement Package is the best fit for you.


The Pacific Northwest is lush and green. But that does come with a significant amount of rainfall in the late autumn through the late spring. However, any Washingtonian will tell you that this rain makes for beautiful wildflowers and rainforests like you have never seen before. When determining where (and when) you plan to elope – be sure to keep the weather in mind!

It is also important to note that the wet weather means that large mountains stay covered in some snow the entire year. Glaciers are also a popular destination for Pacific Northwest and Washington Elopement Packages because of the unique natural appeal they bring. It is not just anywhere that you can stumble upon a glacier!

Planning Your Elopement

Feeling some excitement about your Washington elopement, and eager to learn a little more? Then I would recommend checking out my blog post, Planning an Elopement in the Pacific Northwest. From honeymoons, to wedding attire, to special gear (think snow shoes and hiking boots!) this article has it all. It may just spark some creative ideas about your own elopement! Not to mention, which Washington Elopement Package is right for you!

Do I need an elopement photographer and is that included in my Washington Elopement Package? 

This question is music to my ears! Do you want to know why? It means you are asking all of the right questions. It also means you are interested in creating an elopement that is right for you

The answer is yes – you will want a professional photographer for your special day. Furthermore, most elopement photographers are also planners. They understand what permits are needed for the various outdoor locations you may want to elope. Many have also scouted out some of the less populated places, which will enable you to have a more private ceremony (with the most beautiful views.)

Washington Elopement Packages: Choosing Your Photographer

I will be honest with you: I am a great elopement photographer because I love the outdoors and I love elopements.  I am also honored by anyone who allows me to spend their special day with them. It’s true, I care about you and how you want to start your lives together. I want this day to be as big and bright, or as mellow and calm as you desire!

Planner Extraordinaire 

As an elopement photographer, I have scouted hundreds of areas in the PNW and have lots of ideas to share. First, you fill out a questionnaire that provides me what you like to do. Then, I give you tons of ideas to choose from. (The questionnaire alone will help you better understand your own expectations for your special day!)

Furthermore, I do most of the planning for you! Whether you like to be involved with every decision, or leave it up to me, I get dates and times laid out in an organized fashion. But, if you happen to be a planner yourself, all the better! It’s great to have two people accountable for all of the details. It is my goal that your day is everything you dreamed of (and more.)

Outdoor Skills

Not only am I a self proclaimed adventure junkie, I am also trained in Wilderness First Aid. (You can never be too prepared!)

I also like to share with clients that I follow Leave No Trace Principles and you can read more about that in another resource I provide. It’s important to know about these best practices if you plan to elope in nature, so that you and future couples can have the best experience possible – no matter which package they choose.

Outshined Photography’s Washington Elopement Packages 

When you schedule a Washington elopement package with me – you are not only scheduling a photographer. You are also scheduling a planner, an officiant, and a shoulder to lean on while preparing for your big day!

What’s Included

For any of my Elopement Packages, I include the following things: 

  1. Photos during getting ready, hiking, ceremony, and celebratory activities
  2. Unlimited and detailed planning support (including custom timeline of your special day, personalized location scouting report, vendor recommendations, and guidance on permit requirements)
  3. 1-Hour Engagement session or Day After adventure photo session
  4. Professionally edited photographs
  5. High resolution online digital gallery to share with family & friends
  6. Personal printing rights
  7. Access to your custom online elopement print store
  8. Travel costs included in any of my packages, whether in state or out of state or even out of the Country

An Elopement Outside of the Pacific Northwest

I love to travel, and am happy to follow you to your elopement destination! I have extensive experience exploring Colorado, Northern Arizona, Utah, Hawaii and Alaska. I’ll gladly meet you in any of those locations for your destination elopement. My travel costs are already incorporated into the Destination Elopement Package.

Do you need an officiant to complete your Washington Elopement Package? 

A Jane of all skills – I am also an officiant! If you book a Washington Elopement Package, I am happy to add these services to you, free of charge. If you’ve already booked a photographer, but need an officiant who will hike far and wide with you, then I’m your adventure officiant!

What does a timeline look like for a Washington Elopement Package?

First, we defined an elopement. Then, we understood some of the benefits and awesome perks of getting married in a non traditional way. Now, you are thinking to yourself, “I could really see me and my sweetheart doing this! But what does it look like?”

Whether you choose to have a half day elopement,  full day elopement, or a microwedding is up to you. My job is to ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch.

Below is an example of a 2-day elopement. Keep in mind, you can customize your elopement package to ensure it is right for you! But for the sake of a thorough example, take a look at the the timeline below:

Day 1 Elopement Timeline

5:00am – Photographer arrives at Airbnb that you have chosen ahead of time

5:10am – Kayak out to middle of lake with your partner

5:30am – Watch sunrise from kayak on the lake near your Airbnb

6:30am – Enjoy a leisurely breakfast with epic views

8:00am – Get ready in separate rooms (Hair & Makeup arrive)

11:00am – Have your First Look at your Airbnb and the photographer will capture photos of the first time you’re seeing each other in your wedding attire

11:30am – Drive to trailhead 

12:00pm – Hike to ceremony location with great views, taking photos all along the way.

1:00 pm – Hold ceremony in a meadow full of beautiful wildflowers, and read letters from loved ones.

1:30pm – Celebrate your marriage with a toast, marriage license signing and full picnic

3:00pm – Hike back out to cars

4:00pm – Day 1 ends. Return to Airbnb

Day 2 Elopement Timeline

5:00 pm – Meet at trailhead of the fire lookout near your AirBnb

6:00 pm – Hike to fire lookout and take photos along the way

8:00 pm – Watch sunset from fire lookout 

9:00pm – Stay for star photos and reminisce about the wonderful day that you’ve had

10:30pm – Hike out in the dark and maybe see the Milky Way

11:30pm – Day 2 ends.  Return to Airbnb.

If reading this schedule ignited butterflies in your stomach, or gave you goosebumps… that’s a good sign! It may mean that one of my Washington Elopement packages is perfect for you.

Reviews from Couples about their Washington Elopement Package Experience and Next Steps

If you are wondering what it’s like to work with me – you don’t need to take my word for it! Here is a recent review from a couple who I planned and photographed their elopement at Mount Baker.  (Perhaps you even get some inspiration for your own elopement!)

“During our elopement with Stacy it felt as though we were the only two people on Earth. With her at the helm it felt as though we got to carve out a whole day for ourselves & our best friends as witnesses where the rest of the world just faded away. 

We didn’t have to stress or to plan anything out. Stacy did all of the leg work, we were able to customize what we wanted and on the day of- we just showed up. We made sure to look dapper, and trusted her to capture us and our love; she delivered more than we could have hoped. Changing our plans to an elopement felt like the best of both worlds.” 

Next Steps

If you have additional questions about what it means to elope in nature, or which Washington Elopement Package is right for you, let’s talk! Helping you create your special day is my passion, and I can’t wait to hear more.

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