Twin Peaks Themed Vow Renewal with Outshined Photography

A Magical Twin Peaks-Themed Vow Renewal in Snoqualmie Valley

Sharon and Spencer share a love for the nineties TV show Twin Peaks. Their vow renewal ceremony in Snoqualmie Valley paid homage to the place where it was filmed.

I adore seeing a couple’s love for each other through gentle touches, secret smiles, or stolen kisses. Nothing beats the big, bold laughter of someone who is truly married to their best friend. Sharon and Spencer’s Twin Peaks-themed vow renewal ceremony in Snoqualmie Valley contained so much love, laughter, and fun that I knew it was true from the moment I met them. Even after more than ten years together, this couple is deeply in love.

Sharon and Spencer celebrated their ten-year anniversary at Snoqualmie Falls on October 15, 2022.  Lifelong fans of the nineties TV show Twin Peaks, this couple came from Chicago to renew their vows in romantic Snoqualmie Valley, the location where the series was filmed. In fact, Sharon and Spencer love Twin Peaks so much that they come back to Snoqualmie Valley every year for the Twin Peaks yearly anniversary event and vow that one day they will call this place their home.

This Twin Peaks-themed Vow Renewal Ceremony in Snoqualmie Valley reminded me of the importance of prioritizing personality and imagination in a vow renewal. The result? Images that give an authentic view of Sharon and Spencer’s love story.

Twede’s Cafe is a Must for a Twin Peaks Themed Vow Renewal

For those familiar with Twin Peaks, you will surely remember Twede’s Cafe, a location often featured in the TV series. Sharon and Spencer started their day at the cafe as a fun jumping-off point for the themed vow renewal. To add to the fun (and for the benefit of stunning photos!) the couple dressed in David Lynch inspired attire!

An Outdoor Adventure in Snoqualmie Falls

From the cafe, we traveled to the trailhead of lower Snoqualmie Falls. It was here the couple hiked through the forest and played around on rocks and logs amid stunning sun rays. For an onlooker, this area may just seem like another breathtaking piece of Pacific Northwest nature. But for this couple it was symbolic of the area featured in Twin Peaks!

The Vow Renewal at Salish Lodge in Snoqualmie Valley

Perhaps my favorite part of this day was when the couple exchanged their vows in a field near the upper Snoqualmie Falls viewing area. Both theater and movie buffs with a wicked sense of humor, their vows to each other were funny, emotional, and reflective of the commitment that ten years together had solidified.

Extending the Celebration with Twin Peaks-Themed Outfits for Family and Friends

The couple ended their day by having drinks with friends at Smokey Joe’s (a filming location for season 3 of Twin Peaks) and recreating some of their favorite scenes from Twin Peaks at Twede’s Cafe. You guessed it, the guests came prepared and dressed in characters from Twin Peaks!  (Check out some snippets of the reenactments here!)

Capturing an Unforgettable Vow Renewal Celebration in Snoqualmie Valley

As we wrapped up this Twin Peaks-themed Vow Renewal Ceremony in Snoqualmie Valley, I left with a new sense of excitement for celebrations of love. Spencer and Sharon represented exactly what a vow renewal, elopement, or wedding should be: a reflection of authenticity and a chance to make even your wildest dreams a reality.

How to have your Twin Peaks-Themed Elopement or Vow Renewal

If you are big fans of Twin Peaks and want to have your elopement or Vow Renewal in Snoqualmie Valley, I would love to help you. I’ve even created a photography and officiating package just for you. You can see the details in the Packages page. I am also a local to the area and know it very well.

Here are some of the awesome vendors they used for their Twin Peaks Themed Vow Renewal:

Stacy of Outshined Photography at Rattlesnake Lake

Let’s Start Planning Your Twin Peaks Themed Session

Stacy has lived in North Bend (part of Snoqualmie Valley) for over 6 years. I have extensive knowledge of all of the trails and beautiful secret spots around Snoqualmie Valley. Those include all the iconic Twin Peaks locations. There are also many other beautiful locations in Snoqualmie Valley for your elopement and you can read about those in the Best Places to Elope in Snoqualmie Valley.

To learn more about Twin Peaks themed locations for your vow renewal, elopement or adventure session, reach out today. There is nothing I love more than helping you create the experience of your dreams!

Kind words from the couple ~

“Stacy is the absolute best!!! I’m so glad we chose her to be the photographer for our vow renewal ceremony. She put in so much time and effort into making our day out with her perfect, comfortable, and most importantly fun! She did such an amazing job of capturing the love that my husband and I have for each other and also for nature. We have received so many compliments already from friends and family about our photos. Thank you so much Stacy for your kindness, talent, and creativity!” ~S&S

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