Getting Physically Fit For Your Elopement

Getting Physically Fit for Your Elopement

From sunrise hikes to snowshoe adventures, here’s how to get physically fit so you can enjoy your elopement day activities.

Congratulations, you have decided to elope, complete with activities that align with your values and passions! I speak from experience when I say this is going to be one of the most magical, emotional, and exciting days of your life, and chances are, it will also come with some significant physical demands.  Whether your elopement activities include misty hikes, seaside picnics, snow-filled journeys, or a plunge in a waterfall, one thing is for certain: your elopement is going to take a lot out of you, and it is best to be prepared!

Unlike a traditional wedding, elopements are often done in the profound beauty of nature, which adds additional physical challenges to your elopement day, such as the journey to your destination, and acclimating weather conditions. Because of this, it is particularly important to ensure your physical fitness and mental toughness are up to par for the activities you plan to complete on your elopement day. Not only will physical fitness help your body prepare for the upcoming challenges, but it is a great way to prepare your mind, calm your nerves, and connect with your partner on a whole new level.

Getting Physically Fit For Your Elopement

Choose Activities You Actually Enjoy

Before you begin your fitness journey, please keep in mind that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to get physically fit for your elopement. In fact, many couples decide that physical fitness is not a priority before their big day and that’s okay! While there are some benefits of maintaining a certain fitness level if your elopement comes with some physically demanding activities, elopements are all about doing what makes you and your partner happy. Keep this mindset front and center in your mind as you embark on your fitness journey.

If You Don’t Love it, Don’t Do It

It can be hard to stay consistent if you dread your workout every day, that’s why enjoying your workout is crucial for long-term success. As a hiker, traveler, and explorer by nature, I feel most alive when I am active in the great outdoors. Others absolutely love group classes at the gym, any activity including their furry friend, or dancing their way to a fitter lifestyle. My number one tip for getting fit for your elopement? Make sure you are doing something that you love (and ditch activities that don’t feed your soul.)

Be Consistent

Shorter, regular workouts are going to be more beneficial for developing stamina (a crucial part of enjoying your elopement activities) than the occasional hours-long gym session. This means it’s time to make a movement a regular part of your week! Remember, on days when you don’t have enough time to complete an entire workout, a short walk around the block can still be impactful toward your overall fitness level.

Set a Goal

Setting an attainable goal that you feel excited to accomplish can also be incredibly motivating as you get physically fit for your elopement. Completing a hike in a set amount of time, moving for twenty minutes before the work day, or incorporating mindful movement into your routine five times per week is a good place to start.

Train with your partner for your elopement day

Bring Your Partner Along

Ditching workouts because you need more quality time with your partner? Bring them along and get physically fit for your elopement… together! Getting in shape for elopement activities could be one of the many fond memories that you reflect on during this time. So go ahead and invite your partner (you’ll both reap the benefits.)

The Benefit of an Accountability Buddy

Research shows that we are more likely to stick with healthy habits when someone is holding us accountable. If you have a hard time sticking to your workout schedule, or accomplishing physical milestones, getting your partner involved may just be the healthiest thing you can do. Is your love not keen on your schedule or unable to accommodate? Find a friend, colleague, or family member who can check in with you on your progress (or better yet, join you for a few miles.)

Grow Strong Together (Then Grow Old Together)

A common theme I see among couples who elope is valuing experiences over things. Getting physically fit for your elopement is a prime opportunity to welcome an experience with open arms, without getting too attached to physical aspects associated with “shredding for the wedding” (such as dress size.) Instead of focusing on society’s common idea of fitness, talk with your partner about different signs of success: like how strong your legs feel and how much energy you have when you finish a strenuous hike. Practicing this mindset is a great way to grow closer to your partner while getting closer to your physical goals.

It’s Not a Competition!

This is a gentle reminder for all my competitors out there that getting physically fit for your elopement isn’t a competition! It is an adventure that you embark on with your partner. So give yourself grace on tired days, laugh at your mistakes, celebrate your partner’s wins, and don’t be afraid to keep it lighthearted.

Train in the Right Gear (and Bring it to Your Elopement!)

Elopements provide endless possibilities of style and flair you can add a new dimension to your big day. So bring on the blinged-out hiking sticks, and go ahead and rhinestone up your Nalegene, your elopement is the perfect time to get the gear you need to be physically fit while adding your own unique elopement style.

The Power of the Right Shoes

Don’t worry, I’m not going to convince you to say “I do” in your hiking boots, (but if that is your style, I’m completely on board.) What I do want you to consider is investing in good-quality footwear for both the training prior to your elopement, and the elopement day itself. (As it turns out, breaking in footwear is a great way to get physically fit for the elopement activities at hand!)

Pro tip:  Wear, moveable, breathable clothing and footwear for the journey to your elopement ceremony location, and change once you arrive. Or, choose ceremony attire that you feel comfortable being active in! (You’ll thank me later.)

Food is Fuel

…and your body is training for one of the biggest moments of your life! I always encourage my eloping couples to eat well (and hydrate!) in the weeks leading up to their big day. Consume food that makes you feel good, and take note of what makes you feel groggy or sluggish. Then, be sure to bring plenty of these snacks on the big day. Having plenty of food that you know sits well with you and travels easily is crucial to having sustained energy for the celebration ahead, and is a critical part of your physical wellness on your elopement day.

Get Advice From Your Elopement Planner

A good elopement planner will know your elopement activities like the back of their hand, will be able to advise you on what gear you need, and can even provide you with some solid information on how to adequately train for the events of the day. Planners come with a wealth of knowledge, which can be especially beneficial for those who are preparing for their elopement day without the intimate knowledge of the weather, conditions, or degree of difficulty they should expect. So go ahead, text your planner! (Trust me, we love this type of stuff.)

Training for your elopement day with Outshined Photography

Don’t Sweat the Sweat: The Down Low of Training for Your Elopement

As you prepare for your elopement, there are most likely a million things on your mind at any given time, from what to bring, to how much time to plan for your celebration. If getting physically fit is causing you anxiety or stress, be willing to let go of expectations. I believe the most important part of getting physically fit for your elopement is preparing your mind and body for the adventure that awaits you; not a pristine physique or monumental athletic accomplishments.

Whether your elopement adventure includes rocky mountain highs, snowscape adventures, or a cozy intimate moment with just you and your partner, I would love to be part of the journey. If you have any additional questions about what your elopement could look like for your current level of physical fitness, or how I can help assist in your planning process, reach out at any time. I would love to support you as you prepare for your elopement and capture the moments of your special day.

Outshined Photography at Tolmie Peak in Mount Rainier National Park

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  1. This is such important information for couples to know their limits and what makes the most sense for them to have a fulfilling wedding day!

    1. I’m glad this makes sense. It makes your elopement a lot more enjoyable if you are prepared for it. Thanks for reading!

  2. This is such helpful information on how to get physically fit for your elopement !! Couldn’t agree more with only doing what you love to do.

    1. It will definitely make your elopement a lot more fun if you’re prepared for it. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  3. Wow, this is so great for couples who want to do something unique but don’t know where/how to start. Such a cool article.