Snoqualmie Valley Elopement Photographer, Salish Lodge and snoqualmie falls in full force, this is a beautiful place to elope in Snoqualmie

Best Places to Elope in Snoqualmie Valley

If you’re a fan of Twin Peaks, you’ll recognize Snoqualmie Valley. The Great Northern Hotel and the cascading falls before it are so familiar I wouldn’t be surprised to be greeted by Audrey Horne upon arrival. Of course, The Great Northern is actually called the Salish Lodge and the Snoqualmie Falls before it are a popular attraction half an hour drive from the Seattle waterfront. I am a Snoqualmie Valley elopement photographer and firmly believe this is one of the most beautiful places to elope in the US (and I lived in Colorado for 20 years, so I know mountains)!

Snoqualmie Valley is one of the top elopement destinations in the United States because of its natural beauty, relatively easy access, and unlimited choices for remote elopement locations perfect for nature lovers. Keep reading to learn more about how to elope in Snoqualmie Valley, tips for my favorite specific locations, and more details on how to legally get married outdoors.

Where to Elope in Snoqualmie Valley

The best places to elope in Snoqualmie Valley are a nearly endless list. Each location will be suited to someone different depending on your vision! Do you want deep mossy forests, or a snow-capped peak in the backdrop? How about endless valley fields, or a lake at the base of Seattle’s most photographed overlook? From mossy forests to mountain vistas, Snoqualmie Valley has an elopement location for anyone who wants a truly Pacific Northwest elopement experience. 

To choose your location, start by asking yourself what activities you want to engage in on your wedding day. Do you want to go for a hike? Do you want to picnic on the shores of a lake? Or, would you be interested in a river exploration to discover your ceremony location in a place inaccessible to those on foot?

To reach Snoqualmie Valley, you’ll want to drive east from Seattle on I-90. Some hikes aren’t far off the highway, while others serpentine picturesque backroads. Wherever you choose, I’ll help you get there!

Snoqualmie Valley Elopement Photographer, View of sunset from Snoqualmie Viewpoint

Snoqualmie Valley Wedding Photographer

I love Snoqualmie Valley because no matter where you go, it’s gorgeous! It’s a beautiful location for couples who want a Pacific Northwest outdoor wedding, and I’ve only scratched the surface of this area’s potential. Not only am a photographer, but I also help you plan your special day. You can get ideas for planning your elopement in the Pacific Northwest HERE.

Each season is different in Snoqualmie Valley, and I’m prepared to ensure we can capture stunning images of your wedding at any time of year. However, Washington state is known for unpredictable weather and the best we can do is plan ahead and choose a season most suitable for your goals. Generally, late April through October will be your best chance at good weather. The climate is temperate, and if it does rain at all you’ll get to embrace a moody Pacific Northwest vibe! In November – March, you’ll find a lot of areas flooded or raining too hard to get a chance at cloud breaks. Unless you’re aiming for higher elevations and a winter wonderland wedding, I’d recommend you plan for some time in the warmer months. 

Each state is different, but Washington has pretty straightforward marriage laws from county to county. Snoqualmie Valley sits in King County and more details regarding getting married can be found HERE. In summary, you have a 3-day waiting period after obtaining your marriage license. Then, you have 60 days after getting your license to have a ceremony performed by someone ordained religiously or legally. You will need two witnesses to sign the certificate. 

I am a certified officiant, so I can legally sign your marriage certificate, if necessary. If you’d like to have an officiant perform your ceremony and sign your certificate, I can recommend some incredible individuals! 

Below, I’ve outlined some of my favorite areas within the Snoqualmie Valley, and what details you’ll need to iron out while planning a wedding in each area. Permits, length of hikes, and location descriptions are all included. 

Snoqualmie Falls Elopement
Couple kisses at base of Snoqualmie Falls during their vow renewal
Snoqualmie Falls elopement

Snoqualmie Falls

You can take a short hike to the base of the falls, or walk along a paved trail for 15 minutes to view the 269-foot cascading waterfalls. Though they change depending on rainfall and season, Snoqualmie Falls are strong year-round and generally 100-feet wide. This makes them some of the biggest waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest! Choose to stay in the lodge at the top of the falls, or plan to eat dinner in the magnificent dining area at the Salish Lodge and Spa. Despite being a short drive from Seattle, the Snoqualmie Falls area feels delightfully remote and romantic surrounded by thick forests, endless mountains, and the roar of these famous waterfalls.

PERMIT REQUIRED: You’ll need to purchase a membership to the Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theater to obtain special access and then be able to hike down to the base of the waterfall for photographs. Luckily, I am one of those local photographers who is also a member and can photograph your elopement or vow renewal at Snoqualmie Falls. You may contact me to start planning your Snoqualmie Falls elopement.

Gold Creek Pond

Gold Creek Pond is one of the most beautiful locations on Snoqualmie Pass! The trail is ADA-accessible and a wonderful option if you have guests for your Washington elopement that need a nice, flat trail. The trail is a 1-mile loop around the water and offers many beautiful views of the Cascade mountains and the clear pond. On those calm mornings, you can see stunning clear reflections in the water.

Gold Creek Pond is a short drive, approximately 30 minutes, from Snoqualmie to the trail head. From May-October, you can park at the trailhead. You need the Northwest Forest Pass when parking at the trailhead. During the snowy months, you will need to park on the main road and walk in wearing either snow boots or snowshoes. You need the Sno Park Permit from November – April.

To have your elopement at Gold Creek Pond in the Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest, you will need to obtain an event photography permit for your elopement. The cost of the permit is based on the number of people in attendance at your ceremony. As your Elopement Photographer, I can help guide you through the process to obtain this permit. I also know areas around the Pond that are more private for your elopement ceremony. I’d also highly recommend having your elopement there on a week day or at sunrise on a weekend. You’ll have a much more peaceful and awesome experience!

PERMIT REQUIRED: You’ll need a Northwest Forest Pass to park at this trailhead. You can easily obtain one online HERE.

Couple elopes in the Middle Fork in Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest

Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

The Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest is bigger than you’d expect. I’ve actually found myself driving back roads going somewhere else and suddenly passing a National Forest sign. If you choose this area as your elopement location, you can have anything from raging waterfalls to snowcapped peaks as your backdrop. Some hikes here are all-day endeavors ascending thousands of feet, or you can choose a relatively flat hike off an unnamed Forest Service road that leads to dense forest and deep green trails. 

PERMIT REQUIRED: You’ll need a Discover Pass to park at any trailhead in the National Forest. You can easily obtain one online HERE.

Snoqualmie Valley Elopement Photographer, View of the Middle Fork from Garfield Ledges

Garfield Ledges

This trail is located near North Bend and it’s a perfect elopement location for those looking to find views without hiking all day. At nearly a mile one-way, Garfield Ledges trail travels along a river and opens up to an overlook.

PERMIT REQUIRED: Northwest Forest Pass

Snoqualmie Valley Elopement Photographer, Middle Fork River

Fly fishing or kayaking on the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River

The Middle Fork Snoqualmie River has extensive hiking and water recreation opportunities. It’s the perfect place for someone who daydreams about a weekend camping trip. Whether you’re an avid fisherman or a novice taking up the sport, a camping elopement on the banks of the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River might just be ideal!

Snoqualmie Valley Elopement Ceremony

Meadowbrook Farm Preserve

This 460 acres on the valley floor, within North Bend and Snoqualmie, is a paradise for nature lovers! The space has been preserved for wildlife habitat and recreation and is known to be one of the best places to come across herds of elk enjoying their freedom. You do not need a permit to access this area, but many events and activities take place within the preserve. If you’re looking to host a reception following your elopement, the preserve has buildings on site ideal for small gatherings. Learn more about Meadowbrook Farm Preserve HERE.

Snoqualmie Valley Elopement Photographer, View of Rattlesnake Lake from the top of Rattlesnake Ledge

Rattlesnake Lake/Rattlesnake Ledge

Rattlesnake Lake and Rattlesnake Ledge are Pacific Northwest staples and idyllic locations for enjoying this uniquely beautiful region! Accessing the lake is a short walk from the parking lot, and you’ll enjoy gorgeous forested views. Rattlesnake Ledge is a 4-mile round trip hike that overlooks the lake below and traverses well-maintained switchbacks. As this is one of the more popular hikes for Seattle, you’ll want to elope on either a weekday or perhaps plan an early sunrise elopement.


Snoqualmie Valley Elopement Photographer, Tree House Point, Temple of the Blue Moon

TreeHouse Point

What’s more perfect than a treehouse in the PNW, one of the most famously forested areas of the world? Nothing, that’s right! You can plan a wedding at Treehouse Point or rent a treehouse to get ready in before your elopement. The center itself has a lovely forested ceremony venue and pristine outdoor areas. It is fully equipped and prepared for weddings, if you want to invite friends and family to join you in your celebrations. You can learn more about these incredible feats of engineering and inquire about wedding reservations HERE.

Snoqualmie Valley Elopement Photographer, Middle Fork River

Snoqualmie Valley Trail with Magnificent Views

This 32-mile trail (yes, I wrote that correctly) spans some of the best views in Washington! The rail trail is popular for cyclists and hikers, as you can choose many sections to suit an afternoon stroll or walk literally all day. There are old bridges spanning river crossings, or tree-lined trails erupting with color in the fall, which would make for perfect elopement locations. Autumn is my favorite season on the Snoqualmie Valley trail, but spring or even a summer morning could make this the perfect place to say “I do.”

To reach Snoqualmie Valley from downtown Seattle, drive east on I-90. If you’re coming from SEATAC, head north on the 405 before cutting east on I-90. If you can avoid the afternoon traffic, you’ll be able to reach many of the above mentioned locations within 30-60 minutes. For being so accessible, Snoqualmie Valley is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts who don’t want to, or can’t, get far away from the city. It’s the perfect place to elope, for all the reasons mentioned here and more! If you’re ready to begin planning your beautiful Snoqualmie Valley elopement, reach out! I’ll find the perfect place for you!

Stacy is the photographer for Outshined Photography

Stacy Garfield of Outshined Photography is a Seattle elopement photographer. Stacy lives in North Bend and explores daily to find the best places to elope in Snoqualmie Valley. She specializes in adventure elopements, small weddings, couples, proposals and engagement sessions. The Pacific Northwest elopement package includes planning and photography in Washington, Oregon and Northern California. Also, Stacy photographs often in Colorado, Utah, Alaska and international countries. Her focus is on making your day special and unique for you and most importantly…FUN and Stress-free!

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  2. I’ve never been to Snoqualmie valley, but these stunning images really transport me there! What an amazing array of epic adventure elopement locations! It really feels like you’ve done your research and can help couples pick the spot that will really resonate with them. And your incredible images speak for themselves!

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