Couple says their vows to each other while standing on a cliff over the Pacific Ocean in Oregon on their elopement day

10 Things Your Adventure Elopement Planner Can Help With (that you haven’t even thought of!)

How the right adventure elopement planner can take your big day from good to out of this world

We know the stereotype: elopements are supposed to be simple, easy, and stress-free. And they can be! But we also know the importance of making your big day perfect, whether you are planning a huge celebration or an intimate ceremony with just you and your love. An adventure elopement planner not only makes sure the day runs smoothly and helps you iron out the logistics of your celebration – but they can also help you add the intimate details that make your elopement truly authentic.

Couple kisses along river on their elopement day in North Cascades

So what do adventure elopement planners do exactly? I’m glad you asked. Here are just a few things I help clients with when planning their elopement:

1. Plan accurate travel times

Hire an adventure elopement planner who knows the location you are eloping like the back of their hand! (For me, this would be the Pacific Northwest!) Having a planner who knows the area well can help you get accurate drive times to and from locations based on your Airbnb, ceremony location, and adventure location(s). Having your travel times  planned out can save you a lot of time (and stress).

2. Provide accessible routes

If you are eloping in nature or an area with dynamic season changes, your adventure elopement photographer will be able to ensure you have the most up-to-date information on what roads and trails are open, and what may be closed due to weather or seasonal changes. (No one wants to be met with a closed road just before they say “I do.”) Your planner should be familiar with the area you are eloping and give you a heads up on what to expect, whether you are traveling by car, or on foot.

Handfasting ceremony while couple exchanges their vows on their rainy day elopement in Olympic National Park

3. Prepare you for the weather

An adventure elopement planner will help you understand the typical weather at the time of year you want to elope. They can also provide you with advice on when to best hold your ceremony based on the activities you plan on doing on your big day. Some activities and areas are not available during certain times of the year, and your elopement planner can help you navigate these logistics based on your priorities.

4. Navigate busy locations

Some locations (like this epic Antelope Canyon elopement) can be crowded with tourists during certain times of the day or certain times of the year.  Your adventure elopement planner will have a strategy in place so you can avoid the busy season or busy hours so you can have an intimate ceremony with as much privacy as possible.  (And let’s face it, there is something extra special about a sunrise ceremony before anybody rolls out of bed!)

Couple sits on a log in the Hoh rainforest while hiking through on their elopement day in Olympic National Park

5. Provide outfit inspiration

Big ideas on what your elopement attire is going to look like? Need some inspiration? Your adventure elopement photographer can help with that! Elopements are unique because not only does your outfit need to express who you are, but it also needs to be suitable for the weather and the activities you will be participating in on your big day.

Part of your elopement planner’s job is to ensure you feel comfortable and confident during your celebration – which includes assisting with clothing choices that are authentic to you. Need some ideas on where to start your packing list for outfits, accessories, and more? Here is a great place to start.

6. Connect you with the best elopement-specific vendors

Vendors? For an elopement?! You heard that right! Just because you are having a small intimate ceremony doesn’t mean you have to forgo things like florals, baked goods, and meals. In fact, most adventure elopement planners will encourage it! Your planner can link you with the best in the business and can ensure all of your supplies are travel-ready and prepared for the adventure ahead.

Couple kisses on rocks on Ruby Beach at sunset of their elopement day

7. Schedule adventures and activities

One of my favorite things about elopements is the wide range of activities that are possible. Your adventure elopement planner can help you discover hikes, and adventures that you can have on your elopement. Remember, if it is authentic to you and your partner, then it is a viable choice for an elopement activity! (Pro tip: if you have an activity you and your partner absolutely adore – consider creating an elopement around that adventure! They make for some epic photos.)

8. Create a detailed timeline

A detailed timeline is an adventure elopement planner’s best friend. This timeline is made by the planner and will include everything the couple wants to accomplish on their special day, as well as a few suggestions based on years of experience planning adventure elopements. Timelines are one of my superpowers, so if you want a sneak peek into how I go about creating a timeline, check out this blog post.

9. Provide ideas on how to include guests

Your elopement, your rules. If you want to include guests on your special day, have at it! Your adventure elopement planner will help you determine locations that are suitable for the number of guests that plan on attending. They can also advise on different ways to include family and friends if they won’t be present on the elopement day (think, personal letters from family, sentimental mementos, etc.)

Couple says their adventure elopement vows on Rialto Beach in Olympic National Park at sunset

10. Advise on Sunrise versus Sunset

Golden hour is a photographer (and an adventure elopement planner’s) best friend. Your planner can help you determine when photos will be best given the location, time of year, and when you can find time away from the crowds. Take it from me, having the light on your side makes a world of difference when it comes to your elopement photos.

Bonus: Adventure elopement planners who also officiate

I may be biased, but I think all adventure elopement planners should also be officiants! This makes it easier for individuals to plan their ceremony in remote locations without having to drag an additional person along. As a certified officiant, I have performed many ceremonies, and have learned many ways to make your ceremony uniquely yours or traditional.

Creating an Adventure Elopement that is Authentically Yours

No matter who you are or what your style may be, an elopement allows you and your partner to create a day that you will never forget. Adventure elopement planners can help you harness that authenticity and ensure everything runs smoothly so you can focus on what really matters: taking in your elopement celebration. If you have more questions about what it looks like to work with an elopement planner, or how I may be able to help your elopement dreams come true, reach out at any time. I can’t wait to help you make this day authentically yours.

PNW Elopement Photographer

Stacy – The adventure elopement planner and creative artist who tells your elopement story with photos

I hope that you found this article helpful in understanding just a few of the things that an adventure elopement planner can do for you. I enjoy getting to know you as a couple and helping you have the elopement of your dreams. You can read more about me and why I love helping couples elope in this blog about what inspired me to become an elopement photographer.

I would love the opportunity to help you plan your elopement and then tell your love story through beautiful images. Contact me to start the process now!

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  1. Great advice in this article. Particularly knowing what to expect with the weather and the crowds. This is definitely something I would have overlooked, thanks for sharing!

    1. I appreciate you responding to this article and that you find it helpful. If you have the flexibility while eloping, you can work around the weather and pick a day that is what you want for your elopement.

  2. Lots of great info here!! So many things that many couples who want to elope do not even think about! Having someone who has the experience to help is HUGE!

  3. Adventure Planners are worth their weight in gold! They can tackle so much during a day that couples may not even understand. Great info for everyone on how they can help plan a day!

  4. Heck, as a fellow photographer I hadn’t even thought about a lot of these things! Someone who can do all this is really worth every penny and then some.

  5. Yesss! Couples often overlook hiring an elopement planner just because it is small scale, but they realized how much work has to go into planning even an elopement for 2. Love everything you shared!